Maryland Wines

"Wine being among the earliest luxuries in which we indulge ourselves, it is desirable it should be made here and we have every soil, aspect & climate of the best wine countries, and I have myself drank wines made in ... Maryland, of the quality of the best Burgundy."

Thomas Jefferson, October 1, 1811.

The earliest recorded instance of winemaking in Maryland was in 1648. The Association of Maryland Wineries was formed in 1984. Maryland now boasts 50 wineries and more than 140 different varieties of wine.

About Still Creek Vineyards

Located in the heart of historic St. Mary's County, Still Creek Vineyards was founded in 2008 by the Beaver family. Building on a history rich in agriculture and on farmland that has been a part of the family for more than 100 years, the founders of Still Creek have taken the land once devoted to growing tobacco to develop wine grape vineyards of exceptional quality. The same pride and determination which went into the building of a successful tobacco industry in the region is now being utilized to establish Southern Maryland as a significant wine producing region.

The vineyards of Still Creek are just one part of the Still Creek experience. The care and dedication which goes into every grape grown in Still Creek's vineyards is motivated by the belief that exceptional grapes make exceptional wines. In keeping with this belief, Still Creek plans to produce its own premium, estate bottled wines. A new, state of the art winery is currently being developed for Still Creek.

Still Creek Vineyards is proud to join the long list of exceptional Maryland vineyards and wineries which have been growing excellent grapes and producing amazing wines for many years.